Dinopad massaging mat

Designed for:

Perfect for both children and adults.

Perfect for:

• flat feet
• sensory-motor exercises
• relaxation of muscles after physical effort
• back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle
• cellulite
• muscle pains

How it works?

• improves muscle blood circulation
• reduces muscle tension
• improves blood and lymph circulation
• strengthens the muscles of the foot
• shortens the time of regeneration of the body after physical effort

JDinopad is a medical device recommended by the Institute of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation in Poznań and the Children’s Health Centre in Warsaw. Non-toxic.

Dinopad for children

Perfect for children

It ensures proper sensory-motor development and prevents flat feet.


Dinopad imitates natural, uneven ground such as the beach, small stones or grass, so that:

• t naturally develops muscles of the foot
• it helps to properly shape the child’s foot
• it prevents flat feet


Uneven texture of Dinopad, its saturated colours:

• stimulate the senses of touch and sight
• develop fitness and motor skills

How to use it?

• play – walk, jump, roll up, crawl and run, lie
• practice on the Dinopad for fun – use Dinopad in the corrective gymnastics


For children:

• crawling – different texture, material and colours stimulate their senses
• walking – prevents and cures flat feet, in addition to developing motor skills and fitness

Dinopad for adults

Mat for feet, back and whole body massage. Prevents flat feet, pain and relaxes the muscles after physical effort.


It is effective:

• relieves pain of tired feet, back, neck and shoulders
• reduces muscle tension
• improves blood and lymph circulation
• shortens the time of regeneration of the body after physical eff ort
• increases the ability of muscle to work
• it can be used for acupressure, it stimulates reflex points on the foot
• eases tension and relaxes

How to use it?

The way of using, depends on the body part to which the massage is applied.
You can walk on it, you can lie on it, roll on it, make a cradle on back, massage feet
in a seated position, you can also lean or sit on the Dinopad.


Designed for:

For everyone with the pain of back muscles, athletes, people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Dinopad is available in 2 versions: standard and mini.



100 x 30 cm


• dove-grey
• tri-color: blue + yellow + red
• green

Jeżyk Mini

Dinopad mini:

Size: 33 x 30cm


• blue
• red
• yellow
• dove-grey
• green