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Cooperation Options

We are a recognized Polish manufacturer of medical devices and we work closely with specialists. Our products provide daily support in healthy breathing and achieving correct posture. The objective we set for ourselves is educating and providing ready-made solutions to people who want to develop healthy habits – effortlessly. We work with pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical wholesalers, medical devices’ wholesalers, retail chains, sales platforms, and enterprises that want to provide their employees with healthy solutions and safe working conditions. Read on and learn more about cooperating with us!

You can download our product catalogue here
For distributors
  • Complete product range available at lower, wholesale prices
  • Constant product supply
  • Marketing support
For businesses
  • Complete product range available at lower, wholesale prices
  • Making products available at employee platforms
  • Constant product supply
  • Preparation of gift sets for employees or customers
  • Opportunity to place company logo on selected products (masks, etc.)
Would you like us to deliver a tailor-made offer just for you?

Reach out to us, we would be more than happy to do so!

+48 510 802 216
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