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Product Description

Sitting or standing work – for your home and your office.

A modern, height-adjustable desk that enables both sitting and standing work. Equipped with a robust Okin motor drive (engineered in Germany) which quickly, quietly, and comfortably adjusts the desktop’s height to the user. The desk is designed to suit the needs of adults as well as children.
It ensures great comfort and ergonomics of work, while caring for your spine. A convenient shape, universal design, and a small size all contribute to making this desk a perfect choice for the office, study or home space.

Significant features:

• ISO-certified OKIN drive – engineered in Germany
• noise level during operation is very low – under 45 dB
• Control unit with a special display – up to 3 customizable memory positions
• Anti-Collision mechanism – protects from accidental damage during height adjustment
• Fast and smooth height adjustment – no vibrations
• Durability and stability – maximum load up to 80 kg
• Robust and durable frame made of cold-rolled carbon steel

Control unit:

• Stain resistant
• Intuitive and easy to use
• Anti-Collision mechanism
• Up to 3 customizable memory positions
• Display showing the chosen height
• Easy to reset


• 2 x cable holes with a diameter of 6.5cm
• increased desktop thickness – 25 mm
• environmentally friendly due to very low formaldehyde emission
• ergonomically-shaped, milled 2mm thick ABS edges
• increased scratch resistance
• maximum load up to 100 kg

How Does It Work

Height-Adjustable Electrical Desks enable:

  • A properly adjusted desktop height according to the needs of different users – the desk can be used by school-age children to do their homework as well as by adults for work purposes. The appropriate desktop height supports the correct posture during work (no slouching!);
  • A quick and seamless shift from sitting to standing


What is the benefit of shifting from a sitting to a standing position?

  • Standing ensures the spine is in its proper, natural position
  • Working while standing forces you to actively maintain an upright position which in turn activates skeletal muscles
  • Working while standing activates deep abdominal and back muscles
  • Working while standing provides an extra drive and boosts concentration levels
  • It prevents the side effects of prolonged work in a sitting position

How To Use It

The desk should be assembled in accordance with the assembly manual. Its height is adjusted via the control unit.

The ‘up’ arrow on the control unit indicates that the desktop is moving upwards.

The ‘down’ arrow on the control unit indicates that the desktop is moving downwards.

The desk can memorize up to 3 customized desktop heights (marked by the ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘3’ digits on the control unit).


How do I save a set height? 

  • Adjust the desk to a desired height.
  • Press ‘S’ until the display shows ‘S –‘.
  • Press ‘1’ – the display will start to alternately show ‘S-1’ and the current height of the desktop
  • Press ‘S’ for the first customized position to be memorized. The second and third customized positions shall be memorized in the same manner.


Detailed information on setting up the desk can be found in the user manual attached


1. Does the desk have an option to store customized positions?

Yes, it does – up to 3 customized positions can be memorized. All you need to do is select ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘3’on the control unit, and the desk will be set to a memory position stored previously. This enables a smooth transition from a sitting to a standing position while working.

2. What is the maximum desk load?

Its maximum load is 80 kg.

3. What height should I adjust the desktop to?

Your work desktop height should be set according to your height. Thus, the height of the desktop should allow you to work while you keep your arms and hands in their natural position, i.e. keeping the right angle between the arm and the forearm. Usually, this translates to a height in the region of 72 to 75 cm, but for tall people it can go up to 80 cm.

4. Is the product covered by a warranty?

Yes, it is – it comes with a 12-months warranty. 




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