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Product Description

FEMI POSTURE, is a feminine, sensual, and comfortable posture corrector that provides proper support in maintaining correct posture. It turns straightening up into a healthy habit – without restricting movements or causing muscle rigidity. Its stylish design ensures it matches any outfit – be it sporty, casual or formal.

Quick Dry Finish – a quick-dry knitted fabric – makes it easy to care for your FEMI POSTURE. It is made of polyester (92%) and spandex (8%).

IN MOTION is a sensory-motor pillow that strengthens the back and the abdominal muscles. Its unique shape allows the user to adopt a correct and healthy posture. With the pillow comes a gray, stylish, and 100%-cotton cover with a zipper.

The sensory-motor sitting pillow will ensure that your posture remains correct at all times. This is crucial and now more than ever before as we spent an increasing amount of time sitting and we’re not always able to correct our own posture.

The sensory-motor sitting pillow will make you feel comfortable, even if you spend a lot of time sitting. It’s an innovative product that will work regardless of conditions.

How to sit on it? No worries – its shape ensures it will always suit you.


  • Manufacturer’s declaration of conformity – CE mark
  • Submitted to the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products
  • Compliant with the new Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council
  • EUIPO – IP protection covering entire European Union

How Does It Work

FEMI POSTURE, is the perfect solution for:

  • sitting during office work or remote work;
  • standing – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing;
  • taking a walk or running errands;
  • unwinding while sitting on a couch or in an armchair.


FEMI POSTURE, unlike other products, does not constrict the armpits and does not adversely affect blood circulation in the main arteries. It is designed to be worn directly on the body or clothing.


In addition to improving your general wellbeing and health, FEMI POSTURE also has a positive effect on external appearance. This boosts self-confidence and allows you to feel better in your own skin.


FEMI POSTURE is not recommended for people diagnosed with spine conditions such as scoliosis, lateral spinal curvature and permanent stiffness within thoracic kyphosis. This means FEMI POSTURE will not be of help in cases of long-term neglect of correct posture.


IN MOTION is filled with air which creates an unstable surface. This, in turn, triggers balancing movements. This is the essence of active sitting – gentle balancing activates the back muscles and prevents muscle tightness. Increased flexibility of the muscles and tendons means less pain and a more comfortable sitting.


The shape of the wedge enables correct sitting position to be assumed. This helps maintain the natural curves of the spine. The unique shape also helps to reduce the pressure on your thighs created while sitting; this, in turn, supports proper blood circulation. Tiny sensory points located on the surface gently massage the user.


The stylish gray cover makes sitting on the IN MOTION pillow possible in any outfit, any interior, and in any weather conditions – even on the warmest days.



How To Use It

Step 1

Remove the packaging and unfold the product so that all the parts are clearly visible.

Step 2

First, put your hands through the holes on the sides between the shoulder straps.

Step 3

Next, put your head through the hole in the middle.

Step 4

Fasten the abdominal belt comfortably and fit it around your waist so that it covers your belly button.

Step 5

Fit and stretch all the straps so that they are not entangled. Place the strap’s widest part – the one with the seam – on your shoulder, just like you would do with a shirt or a t-shirt seam.

Step 6

Wear the FEMI POSTURE around the edges of your shoulders. The straps should gently pull your shoulders downwards and backwards while automatically pushing your chest forward.

  • The IN MOTION pillow comes inflated. Pillow pump and a pressure valve are included – you can adjust the inflation level.
  • It is important that the pillow is not inflated too hard as this may prevent balancing
  • Remember that the higher side should be placed under the buttocks and the flat side should go under your thighs.


1. How long can I wear FEMI POSTURE for each day?

It is recommended to start wearing FEMI POSTURE for 15 minutes per day and thus allow your muscles to get used to the correct posture. You can gradually increase the time of use, even up to several hours each day.

2. I think FEMI POSTURE is not providing enough stiffness to my back.

FEMI POSTURE is not a straight holder and does not force you to keep a rigid posture. Its purpose is not to stiffen the body, but to gently support you in maintaining the correct posture. Many straight holders and cheap posture correctors available on the market can stiffen the body and thus aggravate the existing postural defects.


Those cheap posture correctors can only hurt you and do more harm than good to your back because of the stiffness they cause. The key to achieve an upright posture is keeping your muscles flexible while maintaining a freedom of movement, and activating both the back and abdominal muscles. FEMI POSTURE does all that!

3. I have a hard time breathing while wearing FEMI POSTURE.

Perhaps the belt round your waist fits too tightly. It should be fastened so that it reminds you to keep your abdominal muscles slightly tense, but not to the point of exerting pressure on the diaphragm.

4. Can children use FEMI POSTURE?

FEMI POSTURE can be used from the age of 16.

5. Does FEMI POSTURE help with slimming the waist as well?

No, it does not. FEMI POSTURE is not a waist slimming product – it is a medical device; a posture corrector used in order to develop the habit of maintaining the correct posture and learning to keep your back straight.


The abdominal belt is made of elastic rubber. It is designed to activate the lower part of the spine so that it maintains its correct position. It is not designed for slimming. Worn properly, the FEMI POSTURE’s bottom edge should, more or less, cover your belly button.

6. How should I pick the right FEMI POSTURE size for me?

Waist circumference is key when picking the right size. Before choosing it you should measure your waist circumference with a sewing measure. When taking the measurement, please assume the correct, upright posture with your stomach slightly tense, and breathe freely. Look through the product size chart after you took the measurement and choose the appropriate one for you.


In case you find that the waist belt is too tight or slides upwards too much, then that means the size you picked is too small and should be replaced with a larger one. Returning the product or exchanging it for a larger size is possible within 14 days of purchase. Please reach out to the customer service desk at sklep@medpatent.com.pl.

7. How to wash the IN MOTION pillow?

Use a slightly moist cloth for cleaning. The cover can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius with other bright colors. It is recommended to zip it up before washing.

8. Can I drive while using the IN MOTION pillow?

We do not recommend driving a car while using the pillow due to the balancing exercise you will engage in.

9. How long can I use the IN MOTION pillow for?

You can use it all the time – there are no restrictions.

10. Is the IN MOTION pillow covered by a warranty?

Yes, it is – it comes with a 2-year warranty.




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