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Product Description

TERMO DUO are gel compresses used in thermotherapy. They naturally alleviate pain and can be cooled down or heated up in a microwave oven or warm water. In the case of bruises, cold gel compresses help reduce swelling and speed up the absorption of blood that forms the bruise.

They relax and unwind, ensuring comfort and a comfortable life – regardless of age.

  • Manufacturer’s declaration of conformity – CE mark
  • Submitted to the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products
  • Compliant with the new Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council

TERMO DUO come in 3 different sizes: S (11 cm x 19 cm), M (12 cm x 29 cm), and L (15 cm x 35 cm). Depending on the size, they can be used for various ailments and different parts of the body.

Termo-duo S – owing to its small size it is best suited for treating various head ailments. Treats fever, migraine, sinus pain, toothaches, and inflammation of the ear. Perfect for treating insect bites.

Termo-duo M– it is best suited for treating various issues concerning arms and legs. Helps to heal injuries, relaxes tense muscles and joints, soothes swelling and contusions.

Termo-duo L – it’s the largest of the three available sizes and, consequently, suits the largest body parts best.

They naturally alleviate pain and are an excellent solution for treating rheumatic diseases, muscle and joint pain, as well as back pain.

How Does It Work

TERMO DUO are gel compresses used in thermotherapy. They can be cooled down or heated up in a microwave oven or warm water.

They relax and unwind, ensuring comfort and a comfortable life – regardless of age.

The fastening elements (compress cover with elastic rubber and Velcro) enable full mobility during use. The cover protects against that first, unpleasant feeling you experience after applying a very cold or very warm compress. It also helps to evenly distribute the temperature.

They help in treating stomach aches.

They alleviate persistent menstrual pains.

They reduce back pain.

They reduce pain by reducing muscle tension.

They reduce swelling and bruises.

They accelerate wound healing and inhibit inflammatory processes.

How does heat work?

Heat therapy increases body temperature and improves skin and muscles blood flow. More oxygen and nutrients reach the injured areas thus relaxing soft tissue and reducing pain.

How does cold work?

Cold therapy lowers body temperature thus slowing down blood circulation and constricting blood vessels. By slowing down the metabolism, it soothes inflammation and relieves pain.

  • relieves pain by reducing muscle tension
  • increases the flexibility of muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • alleviates chronic inflammation
  • accelerates recovery by oxygenating and nourishing damaged tissues
  • has a relaxing effect thus improves wellbeing
  • stimulates metabolism
  • accelerates healing of superficial wounds
  • has antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • lowers body temperature
  • relaxes the muscles
  • nhibits inflammatory processes and alleviates their symptoms
  • reduces swelling, bruising, and edemas
  • lowers the sensitivity of nerve endings thus relieving pain
  • constricts blood vessels to stop bleeding
  • reduces the activity of microorganisms in the early stages of infections

How To Use It

Termo-duo is extremely easy and convenient to use. It does not stain nor gets the user wet, it is durable and flexible, and pleasant to the touch – all at the same time.


Warm compress – put it in a microwave oven for at least 30 seconds. The heating time can be extended, the temperature of the compress should be checked every 30 seconds.


Cold compress – put in the freezer for about 1 hour (this time may be longer or shorter, depending on how cold the freezer is).


1. Can I heat up the compress up in an oven?

No, we do not recommend it as it may damage the compress packaging and consequently cause the gel to leak. It is recommended to heat the compress in a microwave oven, in accordance with the user manual attached; or in hot water. Por the water in an ordinary pot and bring it to a boil. Turn off the burner and place the compress in the pot for 1-2 minutes. Afterwards take it out of the pot and put it in the cover. Be careful not to burn yourself when taking the compress out of the pot!

2. When to apply a cold compress and when to apply a warm compress?

Warm TERMO DUO compress guarantee deep relaxation and support blood circulation in various body parts. It is recommended for neuralgia, cramps, rheumatic pains, clogged sinuses, ear (otitis) or breast inflammation (mastitis – it improves the flow of breast milk).


Cold TERMO DUO compresses are helpful where we need to address inflammation, contusions, swelling, locomotor injuries, fractures, sprains, and insect bites. Cooling has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-edema and anti-hemorrhagic effects.

3. How long can I use a gel compress for?

The product has a 2 year warranty. This means that you can safely use the compress for 2 years from the purchase date; however, it should be replaced with a new one after that period as it may become leaky.




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